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 Application Process

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MGC GolfWang MC
MGC GolfWang MC

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Application Process Empty
PostSubject: Application Process   Application Process EmptyFri Sep 02, 2011 9:36 pm

Becoming a Monarch Gaming is very simple. We have a trial and will just you on attitude and how you conduct yourself as a leader/gamer. if you have a good friendly one then your more than welcome to join us!


Part 1: Who Are You?
Simply post in this forum with the subject title as your gamertag, and then feel free to post as much or as little about yourself as possible. The more you post, the better and quicker you'll fit in! We do REQUIRE you post:
Real Name:
Where did you hear about us?
Games played the most:
Xbox Live Gamertag:
Previous Clans?

Part 2: Meeting Us
Here comes the simple part. Add as many of us as you like to your friends list and get in some games with us. If we think you fit in well we will move on to asking you if you would like to become a member of Monarch Gaming Community.

Part 3: Acceptance
Once you have been accepted into Monarch Gaming Community you will have access to our forums and the ability to add MGC in your gamertag or tags on games eg. (Call of Duty and Halo). It is optional to put it in your tags but if you choose to feel free.
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Application Process
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